The Basic tenets of a recruiter-Client and Recruiter-Candidate Relationship

The Basic tenets of a recruiter-Client and Recruiter-Candidate Relationship

The basic tenets of a Recruiter ~ Client and Recruiter ~ Candidate Relationship.

By mriworldwide

Many clients have asked what Success means to me in the Search business; The way I see things, it is not just about closing a position with a client or helping place a candidate – that is our job and we will do it; along with a fist bump each time.

But what really motivates me and drives my passion for this business is about helping the potential of a human being to move forward and at least one step closer to their eventual goals. If we do this right more often than not, then success will come in the form of enhanced credibility. This dovetails well with the central theme of our search philosophy – Sustainability.

From a candidate’s perspective, it is about a) understanding their drive, motivation, interest and passion, then b) investing in their career aspirations and c) showcasing attractive opportunities where they can contribute and flourish and finally d) taking them in the direction they wish to go OR giving them a direction that even they did not foresee for themselves.

From a business owner/client’s perspective, it is about seeking out that ‘Impact Player’ who will create and spread value & do this in a sustained manner over the long term. Here, it is not about volume of searches executed but the value that each of these searches unlocks for my clients over the long term.

From my perspective, this exercise cannot be a transaction; it is about making a difference to individuals and businesses and doing the right thing.

This involves being able to identify experience, capabilities and talent which are requisite for a matching opportunity but also, understanding the DNA of the individual and the corresponding potential employer. This latter fitment tends to constitute more than 60% of the fitment in most cases and hence, it is critical to get this right.

I enjoy the challenge of trying to balance these expectations for each unique search. At the end of the day, we need to be ‘trusted advisors’ to 1) our candidates by being their career partners and to 2) our clients by being an extension of themselves and being their spokesperson.

I have been fortunate that in the last 7 full calendar years, of the 78 hires I have personally made, 65 are still where I placed them. Many of my candidates are in the their 6th year of employment and have seen considerable growth during these years.

My passion for search has introduced me to some very interesting and inspirational professionals but most of all, wonderful human beings. Our need to interact with individuals of all kinds on a daily basis (some of whom you may know but many of them, strangers) is a privilege. This privilege presents an opportunity of converting these strangers into possible life-long relationships and even friends.

Early in my career, somebody once told me that I am in a noble profession. At the time, I was too young to really understand the depth of that statement. However, as I have grown with experience this has become my belief. I look forward to continuing my interest in creating long-lasting relationships within the candidate and client community alike.

Gaurav Tiwari
Head of MRI

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